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Body-Centered Spiritual Direction


        There are many doorways to Spirit, and the body is one of them.  Body-Centered spiritual direction facilitates a present-moment awareness and conscious embodiment in the here and now.  Spirit is always communicating with us, desiring for sacred action to be made manifest in our lives.  We are familiar with scripture, homilies, and verbal prayer as portals to divine wisdom and communication. Yet, Spirit speaks through the body, visualization, and deep relaxation, as well.  All day long our minds are processing the data that is coming in from different sources.  Body-centered spiritual direction takes you out of the processing mind and into your spiritual heart.  It provides a holy oasis in a busy world.


What to expect:

        Your session begins with the silence of centering prayer and a gentle shoulder massage to release tension. The silence follows you onto a futon mat where you will engage in simple stretches, assisted by Ani. The stretching component transitions into the deep release of conscious breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. In this tranquil state, you are ready to receive the inspiration that is given in a guided visualization. After your interior journey, you will have the opportunity to journal and process your experience with Ani.

        The fee for a 1hour & 30 minute

body-centered spiritual direction session

is $85.

        Ani accepts payment through PayPal, by check, and cash.  

Checks should be made out to “Andrea Vidrine.”

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