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Why do I REACT instead of RESPOND?

Choosing To Live From Our Values

In each moment, we have the choice to live from our values and integrity (the Love within us) or from our insecurity and defensiveness (the anger, fear, and shame that arises). There is no in-between.

Either we are hijacked by our emotions and operating from our automatic, habitual, conditioned reactions, or we are practicing mindfulness, and therefore grounded and centered in our values and integrity.

Our reactions are no one else’s responsibility. We are accountable for the decisions we make.

In each moment, we have the choice to pause, take a deep breath, and consciously connect to our values and integrity. This is the path to becoming the highest version of ourselves and creating the life that we want, one choice at a time.

Five processes kidnap us from our values and integrity:

· Identifying the impermanent as permanent — believing that we are defined by our past thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This can lead to feelings of guilt and shame and inauthentic behavior.

· Pride — believing that our way is the right way and that we must “save face” at all costs. This can lead to righteous indignation and a sense of entitlement.

· Attachment — believing that if things turn out a certain way or that if we obtain a certain thing or person, we will be happy; holding on to our opinions. This can lead to pessimism and despair.

· Aversion — believing that we must avoid someone or something in order to be happy. This can lead to anxiety.

· Fear — believing that if the worst-case scenario takes place, we will be lost. This can lead to being figuratively paralyzed, unable to make a decision or act.

What will you do when hijacked by emotions?

Connect to your values & integrity?

OR be driven by your emotional reactions?


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