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Venturing Outside

Poems From The Porch

There is a particular joy felt when being outside,

a freshness,

an aliveness,

a potential.

It reminds me that we live inside little containers

designed to protect us from heat and cold,

and it makes me wonder about the intangible boxes

that we create to ward off perceived threat.

Venturing outside,

stepping away from the little holding cell of my own making,

frees me from the walls that I use to bracket

the fullness of myself.

My own authenticity is the key

that unlocks the door.

Today there is a low mist

moving dreamily across the horizon,

a soft, unobtrusive presence

soon to disappear.

The lasting impression left by the mist

will be in its contribution to all things growing,

an indication that there are no things in and of themselves.

Relationship is the defining characteristic of all that is,

and Love is giving me the opportunity in this moment

to cast aside my false security

and breathe into the vitality of that which is outside.

After all, I am but a mist

and will one day evaporate.

My time to show up is now.

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