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Poems From The Porch

photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on

A Lullaby of Longing

My nest on the porch is cozy and inviting this morning.

The temperature is mild,

and the grey, blue, and white paisley sky is hinting rain.

There is a palpable stillness in this place,

although I can hear that the birds are active.

A lone jay has just landed on the grass,

pecking one, two, three,

then returning to a branch.


That is how my porch nest feels

—not in the unaware of the suffering of the world way—

but as the holy place I go to connect to the Love within me

in an intentional way,

where I go to embrace the world,

not forget it.

This sanctuary is where I am quiet and listen,

where I long for the vision of my heart to be illuminated,

where I light a candle for all those who are suffering and for world peace,

where I enjoy the fragrance of the incense as it lifts my prayers

to join with the intentions of all the pray-ers in the world.

Would you believe that the gifts of this sacred shelter are finite,

that I could not return here again and again to be nourished and sustained?

The vistas are endless,

and the melodies are ever-changing.

The Love that invites me here,

that woos me and consoles me,

companions and enlightens me

is Infinite.

Come, beloved, come

and enter the secret chamber of your heart.

Listen, and you will hear the sweet whisper

singing tenderly and ever so gently,

a lullaby of longing

just for you.

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