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Poems From The Porch

For This Day Only

It is a damp, rainforest morning.

Dark highlights of wetness are emphasizing the trees.

The rust tones on the wisteria bark are making their impression,

and neon lichen are glowing on the pines.

There is a crow perched atop a metal fence post,

cawing on occasion,

and the rooster is waking up the day.

Like a saturated sponge,

the earth is heavy with more than the dew.

This liquid stillness is contrasted with the activity of the birds,

who are chirping, calling, and singing.

A lovely, circular mushroom is reaching up with the grass this morning,

its showing for this day only.

For this day only,

I am here, too.

In that case, I want to smile,

and be the Presence of Joy,

the Voice of Love,

and the Face of Compassion.

I want to contribute my unique note to the Symphony of Life

in harmony, not discord.

I want to respond with a resounding, “Yes!” for being alive

and not take for granted my beating heart

and the gift of each breath.

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