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Poems From The Porch

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Therein Lies the Secret

The clouds are patterned like cotton balls today,

allowing only peeks of blue.

Two tan mushrooms, perfectly-formed and delicate,

revealed themselves

as I stepped onto the wet grass for morning prayer.

I wonder what fairies are hiding beneath them.

There must be fairies everywhere

because there is magic all around.

How to take it all in?

the magic of fuchsia and yellow

the magic of softly tinkling chimes

the magic of the flame rising from the crystal-ensconced votive

the magic of a strawberry-blonde cat and a black cat,

each sitting quietly on my lap and legs,

asking nothing from me,

but relishing my presence.

And therein lies the secret to contentment;

respecting the delicate nature of each being,

admiring their beauty,

and offering not combat,

but companionship.

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