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New Year 2021

Poems From The Porch

The day is bright and cold

with lavender clouds and singing chimes.

Even the hanging tea light is swinging with the breeze

and the flames on the pit are leaning lateral.

The gift of a new day,

even this new year,

is foremost in my awareness.

To be alive today,

to be awake,

to recognize and receive the blessings

as they are generously bestowed

in each moment

is overwhelming.

I look around and see new life

from the budding narcissus

to the Easter lilies greening.

What new life is being called forth in me?

What intentions do I have for this new year?

It feels too big, too much,

too great an expectation.

So just for today I intend to be kind

and to make the people I encounter

my love projects,

to be mindful and grateful,

to do those practices that nurture

the awareness of Love within and without,

to listen for the Truth,

to see the innocence,

to practice a spiritual poverty

that shows up with an empty cup

waiting to be filled with the abundant provision

of this present moment,

this holy moment,

and to enjoy the ride.

Today I trust the seeds

that have been planted within me

and their divine unfolding,

trust the One Who cares for me dearly

and abide in the knowledge

that I am loved and valued.

Right now, the only time there is,

I rest in simple faith

and silent hospitality

with an open heart,

an empty vessel of radiant light

without substance,

an embodiment of grace.

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