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In the Eternity of Love

Poems From The Porch

There is a strong wind gusting,

inspired by the cold,

and I feel it, too,

stimulating my spirit

with eager anticipation.

Today feels like pure gift,

no to-do list or tasks,

held simultaneously with the recognition that

every day is a present to be opened

by a heart that has the hospitality to receive it.

The swirling smoke from the fire

carries my spontaneous prayer

and mixes with the fragrance of the incense

to sacramentalize my petitions.

Unveil my eyes

that I may be captivated

by the everyday magnificence before me.

Liberate my mind

that I may be enchanted

by infinite possibilities.

Ignite my heart

that I may live the passions

that fuel and enflame me.

Enliven my body

that I may be fully engaged

with the abundance of now.

And so it is with my earnest intentions,

wafting away to join with the hopes

of your tender soul.

Forever and ever,

amen and aho,

honored and cherished

in the eternity of Love.

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