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Embracing the Calm at My Center

Poems From The Porch

I refuse to look at the storm today

because the calm at my center is much more attractive.

Rocky weather comes and goes,

providing opportunities to ride the waves,

to hold tightly to the bow of Love,

and to trust that there is a Skilled Navigator Who will bring me safely through.

Instead, I’ll think about lovely things and offer prayer,

honor my feelings and tend to my needs,

engage my body in enlivening activity,

and open my heart to the fullness of life.

I’ll redirect my attention to beauty, in all its forms,

when the thunder booms and the lightening pierces my heart.

I’ll lift mine eyes,

withdraw from self-absorption,

and welcome the cleansing rain,

knowing that a good soaking makes the flowers grow.

Look, the little baby goats are hopping and playing next door!

I think I’ll join them.

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