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A Thanksgiving Prayer

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Great Lover of us all,

Redeem me from self-interest, self-cherishing, and self-pity.

Open my eyes to the sparkling beauty all around me.

Let me not take myself so seriously; in fact, help me not remember myself at all.

I want to be like a carefree child playing in this lavish garden of life,

constantly distracted by wonder after wonder

and delighting in the abundance of simple pleasures.

It is to You that I run when I am sad and lonely,

when I have fallen and bruised my pride;

and it is Your face that captivates me,

Your eyes that look upon me with a love so overwhelming

that I can only cling to You more tightly

as You rock me and tell me that everything will be, and always is, alright.

It is Your love that beckons me to self-forgetting and awakens me to joy.

So today, I remember these things, and I am grateful.

I am lost in admiration and joy!

I recognize you in every face and count everything as Your blessing.

I hold up my cup

knowing that it is continuously filled with the sacrament of this present moment,

and as I dance, my cup overflows.

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